Magnetic V Block is valuable and multipurpose in tool – making and evaluation, in quality control and device room. Because of their tremendously elevated magnetic power they can be utilized for drilling and grinding and even for light milling work.
There are three magnetic surfaces Magnetic v Block supplier. In it top and base surface with 90 ‘v’ angle and end surface opposed to switch. Every three magnetic surface and the two sides are cautiously ground.
When we turn on every one of the three magnetic surfaces are activated at the same time. The permanent magnet holds the work immovably in the block square holds itself solidly on a ferrous surface. Coolants or different fluids can’t harm the the magnetic system, being protected from infiltration of dampness.


  • Permanent, powerful magnet
  • Faces and v accurately ground
  • On-off switch for positioning and removal
  • Includes fitted carton box
  • The holder exerts a magnetic force on the upper, lower and v-channel surface. Magnetic force is simply switched off by means of a lever.
Magnetic V Block Supplier, exporter Gujarat
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